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Whether you are looking to Rollover your IRA or 401k into gold and silver, or are simply looking to purchase physical precious metals for safety and diversification.

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Have You been thinking lately to Secure your Retirement Plan with precious metals Through an IRA or a 401k Rollover ?

Is it your first time buying gold/silver in an IRA.?

Do you have a traditional retirement plan that you want to back with metals but don’t know how?
Are you concerned about trusting your hard earned money with a secure and reliable gold IRA Custodian?

Do you have questions regarding the security of your metals and how will they be stored ?

Would you like to buy with Fair prices ?

Would you like your transaction to be effortless, smooth and on your own pace?

Would you like to enjoy ongoing support before and after purchasing your metals?

If you answer yes to any of these questions

know that adding precious metals to your IRA through a rollover or transfer is not an easy process,

this is time consuming and requires you a lot of research in order to start your investment without risks .

That’s right,and our mission is to pave you the way for a secure ,profitable and enjoyable precious metals IRA investment in 2016,

but before we get into the details ,we’d like you to imagine two scenarios when dealing with certain gold brokers.

The First Scenario and maybe the worst one is when.

You come across fraudulent salespeople, who push you into some famous gold dealer scams,

Become one of those famous complainers on the BBB or other complaints boards.

Start an account with a terrible IRA fee structure .

Pay more money than you should on a long term basis.

Reach retirement age having paid thousands of dollars in hidden and extra charges .

End up your experience as a very disappointed investor.

The Best Scenario is when you:

Connect with a trustworthy and professional firm that will educate you on the ins and outs of precious metals investing.

Meet a great account manager who will answer all your questions ,treat you like family and educate you on the best options available for you.

A great fee structure that allows your money to grow profitable until you become one of those very satisfied clients.

 Watch your accounts grow in value while you can sleep easily at night.

The is why it is very necessary to find the right guidance and the expert help that you really deserve.

So let us get started on how you can choose a great company to deal with.

Here are the basic facts to help you Spot the Real Jewel:

Choose Only the Most Trusted Company.

Your first task is to check the industry watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau,Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink.org to see how these companies fare according to these authority review sites.

On the Trustlink.org customers rate services 1 to 5 stars, and the result is an average of all the reviewers’ ratings, so the larger the number of reviews, the more significant is the rating.

BBB rates companies from A+ to F.

BCA from AAA to F.

Beware of Aggressive Sales Tactics.

We recommend avoiding companies that urge you to buy numismatics or rare coins, unless you are VERY experienced and understand the risks. If you ever feel pressured by a salesperson, especially regarding “limited edition” coins or “proofs”, our advice is to hang up the phone immediately.

Choose only a Company with Flat Annual Fees.

Compare the pricing structure of these companies and go only with one that charges a flat annual admin and storage fee .Signing up with a company that charges scaling annual fees will cost you thousands of dollars over 10 to 15 years.On the other hand, a company that charges a clear and flat annual fee ensures that when you add more assets to your portfolio,you won’t have to pay extra fees as your account grows..

Choose a Company that offers Segregated Storage.

Don’t Go with a company that offers only Commingled Storage,because this is a risky way to store your metals in a custodial account,when your gold or silver get  commingled, or combined with other clients’ and companies’ positions, the bars or coins you initially bought  may not be the same ones delivered to you. In a fully segregated storage,the metals you get at delivery time are still the same exact ones you purchased. You can stay assured to take delivery or audit your metals at any time,without any risk of encountering foreign coins or bars.Make sure to choose a company that offers a fully insured and segregated storage.

Choose a Company that Offers a Buy back Program.

Is a Silver or Gold buy back program offered by the company? When you decide to liquidate your precious metals, just what happens? You want to make certain that you are comfortable and totally at ease in your dealings with a Gold IRA company both when you purchase, as well as when you wish to liquidate your assets. You want to be certain to trust your inner feelings and deal with that company looking out for your best interests, and not those simply seeking to make their profit from your sale.

How Supportive are they to their Clients’ Needs?

Will they follow up with you once you make that initial investment? This is a very important question to ask, so do your homework first, you may still have questions and nobody likes to speak to machines. Especially when their assets are at stake..

Drawbacks And Decisions.

Now that you know what to look for when making your choice,you have to learn about the five frequent Pitfalls associated with gold and silver IRA companies.Knowing about these drawbacks or  pifalls will guarantee you avoid a lot of troubles and worries at the end of the day.

Pitfall 1

You will find that a lot of companies don’t disclose their exact fee structures even if they have good trust signs and reputation,these obscure fee structues may cost you extra money when you reach a certain threshold.Don’t hesitate to ask about the exact fees for now and the future.

Pitfall 2

Companies offering No Buy Back Program that hinder you from liquidating your metals when you seriously need their cash value.shutterstock_83198602

Pitfall 3

Companies in which customer service is absent after you purchase or which use deceptive sales tactics.Check that the emphasis is on your requirements, rather than on sales pressure, and that the staff have a good grasp of the subject, including market conditions. Also find out whether you can expect ongoing support.

Pitfall 4

Companies which are unclear about your precious metals storage in a custodial account,or don’t tell you exactly about future charges for the storage of your assets.

Pitfall 5

Companies which pay commissions to their sales representatives if they sell you specific coins that have higher profit margins ,not to your advantage.

Top Three Complaints Via Rating Websites .

1. The customer gets the feeling that a rapid talking salesperson is “taking” advantage of them, only interested in securing their commission from any dealings involved!

2.Representatives suggest precious metals that provide the company a larger profit margin than they do to the client. These pushy_salespersoncomplaints are voiced by those individuals who believe that right from the outset, they were not being given the right advice.

3.Sales tactics that are far too aggressive. Calling and annoying clients to make immediate decisions.We clearly understood that reps were looking to make their commissions.However,when you aren’t ready to make your decision,you shouldn’t be subjected to extra pressure.

The majority of clients are usually investing their entire life savings,be it $30k or $300k.So before you move forward you’d like to feel peace of mind in what you are doing.

Gold IRA Reviews: Comparing the Top U.S Precious Metals Firms to Spot the Best Company.

Companies ReviewsBBB/Closed ComplaintsBCA/ComplaintsTrustlinkAnnual Storage Fees
Regal Assets/ReviewA+/0AAA/05 Stars 836 reviews$150 (Flat Rate)Waives First Year's Dues
Birch Gold/ReviewA+/0AAA/04.9 stars 45 reviews$160( Scaled )
Certified Gold Exc/ReviewA+/0AAA/05 Stars 36 reviews$175( Scaled )
Heritage Gold/ReviewA/2N/A/04.9 stars 78 reviews$125( Scaled )
Goldsilver.com/ReviewA+/1AAA/15 stars 3 reviews$300 ( Flat Rate )
Golddealer.com/ReviewA+/1AAA/02.6 Stars5 reviews$225 minimum ( Scaled )
Goldworth Financial/ReviewA+/0 AAA/00 stars 0 reviewsAcc Value x 0.6( Scaled )
Austin Coins/ReviewA+/2 AAA/00 stars 0 reviews$250 ( Scaled )
Lexi Capital/ReviewA+/1AA/05 Stars 3 reviews$100 ( Flat Rate )
Blanchard Gold/ReviewA+/4BBB/01 stars 1 reviews$100+ ( Scaled )
CMI Gold-Silver/ReviewA+/0 B/00 Stars 0 reviews$90+ ( Scaled )
Kitco/ReviewA+/2Not ListedNot Listed$150( Scaled )
Trustprovident/ReviewA+/10Not ListedNot Listed$150(Flat Rate)
Gainesville Coins/ReviewA+/21Not Listed0 Stars 0 reviews$100+( Scaled )
Provident Metals/ReviewA+/35Not Listed0 Stars 0 reviews$100+ ( Scaled )

The Gold IRA Company that will Save you Time, Money and Get you the Profitable Retirement of your Dreams. 


Some of the World’s Most Respected Financial Authorities Trust REGAL ASSETS.authorities

There are a lot of senior citizens out there who did everything right in terms of working and saving but have little to show for it. There are retired people out there who are struggling to make ends meet on a limited income.

This is why it is the time to take control of your retirement funds . You can get more returns on your investments. You can live on your financial terms after retirement.

In order to make your dreams happen, however, you’ll have to go into business with a company like Regal Assets. 

Most Reputable Gold IRA Company.

Regal Assets does of course have top ratings with BBB,BCA and TrustLink.

 Its 5-star TrustLink rating is based on no fewer than 836 reviews,
 virtually all of which express the highest praise.regal assets reputable

The company has outstandingly been recommended on several magazines such as Bloomberg Businessweek,Reuters and Forbes.

 The company is both reputable and well established.
Regal Assets gained the #20 rank for financial services in USA by the Inc. Magazine.
After doing extensive research on how to save my investing gold and reviewing a dozen companies,I found that Regal Assets is the testifierhighest rated and the most reputable company.The reason I chose Regal Assets is because of their outstanding reputation,low and flat IRA fee and professional non pushy representatives,who were willing to answer my questions… John  

call to action 1

Regal Assets will Save you Time.

As we have seen, ratings don’t always tell the whole story,but in thetime saving case of Regal Assets, other aspects of its business more than live up to this standard. One of these aspects is the well-known
speed and efficiency of its processing,with IRA rollover accounts set up within 24 hours,and fund transfer requests within 48 hours — the fastest in the industry.

Rollovers for 401 k accounts are completed within 15-30 days.

Get your Metals in One Week Or Get a 1 oz Silver Coin.

The most impressive, and best-known, aspect of their service

is their 7-day delivery guarantee. fast deliveryYour precious metals order will be in the depository within 7 days,and if it’s even one day late, you are compensated with an American Eagle silver coin.

 No other company comes near to matching this.

A Highly Secured Storage for your Metals.

When your gold or precious metals order arrives at the secured vaultdepository, the storage is handled by Brinks of Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the most renowned and trusted security companies in the world.

Segregated and Fully Allocated Storage for Free

What’s more, unlike almost any other gold IRA company, Regal provides segregated and Fully Allocated storage at no extra charge.segregated storage

This means each person’s gold is held separately, and on distribution you get back the exact gold you purchased, not just the value.

  call to action 3

Regal Assets will save you a lot of Money.

One factor that particularly differentiates gold IRA companies is the fee structure, and here too very few companies can match Regal Assets. Not only is account set-up free of charge, but for most customers they waive the first year’s fees altogether. However, what really sets them apart is that, while most companies charge on a sliding scale as the account grows, Regal charge just a flat annual fee of $100 administration and $150 storage. This is especially remarkable given that, with most companies, segregated storage, if provided, incurs an extra charge.

A variety of Investment Options.

Regal Assets will welcome you whatever the amount of money you have to invest. Many companies look with disdain at small investors, but you can obtain Regal’s starter portfolio, the Knighthood Package, for only $10,000, with a range of others, up to the Coronation Portfolio at $250,000. Regal also offer a wide variety of investment options, including the whole range of precious metals, plus coins and bullion from all round the world. You can apply using either a physical or a digital application form.

A Great Staff Who Will Treat you Like Family

However, apart from all this, what investors value more than anything else about Regal Assets is their exceptional customer interaction. Again and again in the reviews, customer service greatdelighted customers testify to the way every user is treated as an individual,

with all their questions and concerns given priority attention.

testimony 1….I phoned Regal Assets to see how they can help me with my investment.Their customer service was excellent and I was assigned to a personal account executive to assist me .He explained things in terms that I could understand like how to turn my existing 401k to a gold and silver IRA which I was excited to do.I also purchased some additional gold and silver ,and they were delivered on time and right to my door.It was a wonderful feeling. Scott Hunter Goldsaler.com

Invest at your Own Pace-Totally no Pressure.

It’s very noticeable that Regal is one of the very few companies where there is no pressure put on you to purchase. Instead, staff take the time to understand your personal situation, and your needs and aspirations, and then help you select the plan that’s really right for you.

To test this out for yourself, you can contact Regal Assets directly on 888-667-4563.

You’ll find that all the staff are expert, and also very friendly, making you feel at home. While on the phone you can ask for your complimentary gold IRA kit — an exceptionally comprehensive investment guide — or else you can request it by clicking the button below. You will find that, of the top rated gold IRA companies, Regal Assets will really save you time and money.


This comprehensive guide will instill you with all the vital information you need to make an informed decision. It has literally helped thousands of other gold investors get started in Precious Metals IRA Investing.

The Bottom Line.

“Good things come to those who wait” isn’t just sound advice for kids learning about delayed gratification. It’s the key to financial independence and having enough funds to live off of once you’ve retired. What do you dream of doing after you’ve retired?

Would you like to visit other countries? Are community projects more to your tastes? Have you always wanted to go on a road trip but never had the time?

Expand your horizons. Explore the possibilities. Make your dreams a reality by choosing the Most Trusted Gold IRA Company as your gold bullion provider. Sometimes, seeing really is believing.